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Visual Compassion

is a Christian ministry attacking poverty by providing low-cost eye care services and entry-level job training opportunities for the working poor. Some of our divisions include InFOCUS, Vision Stations, VC Labs, VC Temps, Vision Wheels, Vision Pass, EyePunk and InFOCUS University

InFOCUS (Interprofessional Fostering of Ophthalmic Care for Underserved Sectors) began in 1987 as an outreach project of the University of Houston College Optometry. The project produced the FOCOMETER® an affordable refracting device appropriate to areas without access to professional personnel, electricity or costly equipment. This device became the centerpiece of a unique program designed to help medically underserved communities achieve self- reliance for basic vision care. In 1995 InFOCUS was chartered as a non-profit 501c3 organization with a mission to provide eye care to all populations, beginning with those most in need and hardest to serve due to poverty or geographic remoteness. Its strategy is to train local service providers to provide primary eye care. Its goals are to improve vision, prevent blindness and promote health. In 2009, the leadership of Visual Compassion took on the CEO role for InFOCUS following a stroke by one of the founders. During 2011, a complete merger will bring the two vision-based organizations to stand on one foundation. The foundation of Jesus Christ.
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Vision Stations

are community based locations for entry point eyecare. They provide free vision screenings, a Vision Pass eye exam referral, new prescription eyeglass sales starting at $10, bifocals for $25 and recycled readers for $6. They also function as internship sites for InFOCUS University students and missionaries. Click here to find a Vision Station near you.

Click here to discover how to open a Vision Station

VC Labs

VC Labs are a series of eyeglass manufacturing laboratories that are structurally hosted by our community partners. These facilities train and employ men and women that have come from incarcertion and addiction backgrounds. The training is administered through the InFOCUS University and the quality is inspected by VC Labs. The process starts with our recycling centers that are supplied via our partnership with the Conroe Noon Lions Club and Midland Lions Club. Anything usable is put into production on any of our various products for the mission field. For the missionary we offer traditional acrylic readers, recycled glasses, recycled/remanufactured glasses, a concept we call "Starters", and the classic round missional frame glasses. We also manufacture brand-new prescription and missional glasses with frames. You can view them here via their catalog or on our website: Click here to view frames or order prescription glasses.
You can download order forms from the left column of this webpage in "pdf." format. Or we ask that you call or email your mission requests before trying to purchase them through the store. This way we can help you with product selection and discuss delivery and shipping needs.

VC Temps

VC Temps is an optical employment service that Visual Compassion runs to accomplish multiple things. The primary objective is to give our InFOCUS University graduates a chance at an optical based job and some real work experience. The second is to run our Vision based operations that involve VC Labs, Vision Stations and all elements of the Vision Wheel Concept. Third, VC Temps provides an opportunity for medical based practices to use a skilled employee during the busy times or to try out an employee before hiring them to the staff full time. Click here to.

Vision Wheel

"A Vision Wheel is a dynamic system of the best of our non-profit. We link job training with temporary jobs that can lead to permanent jobs. We link eyeglass lab skills with our Vision Stations and mastermind it out of a central Retail Vision Clinic hosted by a local non-profit. We welcome servitude and prayer from our volunteers and missionaries that train in these stations. We bring full service vision care from a christian perspective while lifting up our brothers and sisters that need an extra chance to walk in God's light.

A Vision Wheel is designed to go into the roots of a community and help from the ground up. It is designed to be started and maintained by professionals and then released to a local non-profit and interested doctor. A Vision Wheel sets it's target on modeling Christ while helping and enjoying a local community.

Our first Vision Wheel will be piloted in Houston, Tx in a "host-site" of the Volunteers of America. Until the model is viable we strongly recommend communities starting 1 or more Vision Stations to begin taking advantage of the care network that supports them. Please follow the link to see how this would work in your community." Click here to learn more.

Vision Pass

The Vision Pass Network has been modeled after the insurance industry and the highly successful Lion's Club children's voucher programs. A Vision Pass can function 2 ways: 1) compassionately as a self pay discounted program 2) as a benevolent ministry that is funded by our partners. To receive a Vision Pass you must either meet the criteria of one of our Vision Pass Partners OR simply go to any Vision Station and take a free vision screening. If you fail the screening under the best correction you have then we will issue a compassionate Vision Pass. This means you will have access to our network of eyecare specialists that offer no cost or low cost eye exams with this Vision Pass. Upon receiving your prescription you can then return to any Vision Station or Vision Wheel Retail Vision Center and buy prescription glasses for $10 or $25 for bifocals. Please note: We only offer single vision and bifocals at our Vision Stations. We do offer more advanced products like progressives and transitions at our Vision Wheel Retail Vision Center's at reduced market costs. Please call 281-398-7525 for assistance. Also remember that we are a ministry that creates jobs first. That means that there is no limit or qualifications applied to eyeglass purchases except a valid doctor's prescription within 2 years of your last exam. The more you buy, the more jobs we create for our homeless and downtrodden. We would like to encourage you to "Please spread the word to your friends, families, churches and communities!" Together we are the church that Jesus died for. In serving others in His name we are the bride that he will return for. Click here to find Vision Station locations near you.


EyePunk is a form of a buying group. That means we can run lower prices on things because of volume. BUT, EyePunk is also part of our non-profit whose goal is to create jobs for individuals with incarceration and addiction histories. That means we can run prices equal to or below any other buying group until we hit the limits set by the producers and major distributors. We simply call this "Recycling the Money". We do this because we can financially help you obtain the products you need while your purchases directly support our efforts in the battles against poverty. Go ahead. Create a job for someone. Buy your contacts from EyePunk. Recycle Your Money. Click here to buy contacts or prescription glasses with a valid Rx.

InFOCUS University

"website in production" VCO Click here to.

Click to Register for our next Workshop!
Click to Register for our next Workshop!
Click to Register for our next Workshop!

We were recently featured on Texas Real Estate, one of the top sites for Spring, TX Real Estate. Check out the article here: Attacking Poverty Through Visionary, Compassionate, and Humane Optometry.

Please welcome Nelia Manhema to the Visual Compassion Board. She brings with her passion to serve God a marketing skill set that will help us get our information into the hands that need it.

New retail eye clinic on Yale Street opened in October 2012 and has now hit it's 2 year anniversary. The local community is really taking advantage of our $15 eye exams: InFOCUS Vision Center. Call 281-547-7477 for an appointment today.

Retinoscopy and dispensing charts are now available.
Vision Screener Volunteers Wanted!


Visual Compassion will begin offering missional training workshops every month on the 2nd Thursday & Friday at our main clinic in Spring, Tx! This is our standard 2 day training course. A 1 day course is available for teams of a minimum of 5 by special request.

The Course will be held at 18555 Kuykendahl, Spring, Tx 77379, in our InFOCUS Vision Center. The cost is $250 per person. Call 1-866-398-7525 to register today or select the shopping cart in the top bar to go to the InFOCUS E-Store!

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With growth of our 2nd Vision Clinic, Visual Compassion is starting to further grow the InFOCUS University. For the mission minded we are now offering 1 Day Focometry courses to help better meet the requests of individual groups. A minimum group of 5 is needed to schedule your day of training. VC is also offering their 2 day course every month on the 2nd Thursday/Friday; focusing this course for leadership training that is geared at training trainers.

From a local side of the InFOCUS University, VC is finally opening up their training courses that were initially developed in partnership with the Salvation Army and the Volunteers of America. Our entry point optics classes are designed for individuals that have recently (0-5 yrs) successfully completed a legal sentence and/or rehabilitation program. A pre-application can be faxed to 1-877-302-6385. You will find the form by clicking the announcement above or in the column to the left. Some of our first outside students are from the Star Drug Court, The Star Family Drug Court, Cheyenne Center, Santa Maria Hostel and WorkFaith Connection. We do require a clean UA and a release from an active guidance counselor/job coach, probation officer, etc.

For those of you ready to change your life and draw a little closer to God, Welcome... We are happy to have you in our class with us. At VC we believe that judgement is reserved for a sovereign God. As Jesus drew a line in the sand and ask for a rock to be thrown in judgement, your presence in our class draws that line in your life. You will find no judgement here. We are here as representatives of God's church. We are here to nurture and guide you. We cannot do it for you but we have policies and instructors to help you help yourself. Again, welcome and God bless your decision to cross the line.



Ideal for use wherever conventional methods are impractical or unavailable. As accurate as an Autorefractor at a fraction of the cost.
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In the United States, InFOCUS trains health and social service providers and community volunteers to promote preventive practices, assess vision, and refer patients to qualified practitioners for eye exams. InFOCUS helps its program partners set up Vision Stations offering low-cost, quality eyeglasses to individuals who could otherwise not afford them. InFOCUS also trains and equips clinicians and volunteers to offer eye care on short term mission trips.
In other countries, InFOCUS provides technology, clinical training and logistic support to help communities provide for their own eye health and vision care needs. Community eye care providers measure refractive errors, dispense glasses, and use the proceeds of spectacle sales to defray operating costs.

InFOCUS works with program partners to:

  • Establish and sustain Vision Stations
  • Provide an appropriate standard of care
  • Refer patients with serious eye conditions to appropriate medical resources.
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