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Jed Lee Howard, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine
Houston, Texas


LOCAL - Houston, Texas

R. Norman Bailey, O.D., M.A., M.B.A., M.P.H
University of Houston College of Optometry

Cynthia Chappell, Ph.D.
Director, Center for Infectious Diseases
Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, University of Texas-Houston, School of Public Health

David Coats, M.D.
Department of Ophthalmology, Texas Children's Hospital
Assistant Professor, Baylor College of Medicine

Edwin M. Jallah, M.D.
FACS - International Health Consultant

Eugene Lee, M.B.A.
Project Manager, Linbeck Construction Corporation

R. A. MacKenzie, Jr.
President, CVO-Inc.- Houston

Patrick McColloster, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Family Practice / Community Medicine, Baylor College of Medicine

Kavita Mistry, O.D., M.P.H.
Corpus Christi, Texas

Kalu Ogbannaya, M.D.
Director, Martin Luther King Community Health Center, Baylor College of Medicine

Robert A. Okpara, M.D.
Assistant Professor, Department of Family and Community Medicine
Baylor College of Medicine Houston

Roger Parkin
President, R.D. Parkin Group

Nghiem Pham, O.D.
Houston, Texas

Mario Sanchez
President, Delcon Maritime, Inc.

Elwyn Shaw, C.P.A.
Community Volunteer
Houston, Texas



William Baldwin, O.D., Ph.D.
President Emeritus, River Blindness Foundation
Houston, Texas/Atlanta, GA

Paul Steinkuller, M.D., Ophthalmologist
Medical Missionary, Humanitarian International

William Monaco, O. D., Ph.D.
Director, Optometry Services, U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs
Washington, D.C.

Satya Verma, O. D.
Director, Resident Eye Services Coordinator, Prevention of Blindness Project
Pennsylvania College of Optometry
Philadelphia, PA.
President's Council on Aging
Washington, DC

D. Leonard Werner, O. D. D.
Distinguished Professor, State College of Optometry State University of New York



Leda A. Clark, M.D., M.P.H.
Ophthalmologist /Professor, Ulbra University

Hussein Datoo
Optometrist, Humana Eye Foundation

Moses Katabarwa
Director, River Blindness Foundation

Valerian Lyimo, M.S.
Optometrist/Professor, Kilimanjaro Christian Medical Center
Tanzania School of Optometry

M.C. Nahata, M.B.B.S., D.O.M.S.
Ophthalmologist /Professor
President, National Association for the Blind

Jonathan Nnadozie, O. D., M. H.A.
Director, School of Optometry, Imo State University

Dr. Polidecto Correa Reyes
Director de Politicas Sociales
Managua, Nicaragua

Luke Siyame, M.D., M.P.H.
Chief Consultant, Ophthalmology, Ministry of Health


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19728 Saums Rd. PMB #136
Houston, TX 77084

Main phone 281-398-7525; Fax 281-398-7428

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