"Introduction to Primary Eye Care & Focometry"

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This is an exam room layout of an actual optometry doctor's office. All clinical skills and optical sales are performed in other areas of the practice. The equipment in this office is advanced and costly for a basic Vision Station. The equipment is, however, very useful for a doctor to come and operate legal eye exams in your facility. **Please review your state's optometric and optician laws for specific requirements.

  • Only a doctor of optometry or ophthalmology can write a legal glasses or contacts prescription.
  • 22 states in the United States require an optician license to dispense glasses.
  • It is perfectly legal to perform a vision screening in any of the 50 United States.
  • It is also perfectly legal for anyone to buy eyeglasses or contacts online with a valid prescription in any state.
  • In states with dispensing laws we suggest you use your Vision Station as a "free" internet access point for the use of Eyepunk.com eyeglass purchases and a "free" pickup point for eyeglass deliveries from InFOCUS.

Vision Stations fill an important need in underserved communities here in the United States.


To meet the needs of underserved communities, InFOCUS developed a user-friendly path to vision care, the Vision Station. InFOCUS offers "Introduction to Primary Eye Care" workshops and step-by-step guidelines to prepare community-based service providers to assess vision, provide eye health education, refer patients to eye doctors and - if eyeglasses are prescribed - dispense glasses from a small, on-site dispensary.

Vision Stations can be set up in a church, community center, clinic, school, youth program or any place where low-income families come for activities, assistance and services. See more information on Vision Stations.


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These are photos of the equipment in the cartoon.

Advanced Exam Lane

Digital projector

Visual Acuity mirrors

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