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Please join InFOCUS in the pursuit of bold, structural solutions to the worldwide need for basic vision care among large, underserved populations.

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Guatamalen boy receiving his first Eye Exam at an InFOCUS clinic.


Through the Shared Vision Program you can help children and adults receive eye care in the developing world. You can participate by making a donation of $500 to send a FOCOMETER to a recipient in a country of your choice, or to an applicant selected by InFOCUS. The recipient will be asked to provide information about how the FOCOMETER is being used to help an underserved community.

Please make checks payable to Visual Compassion. Your gift is tax deductible!

Visual Compassion
18555 Kuykendahl
Spring, TX 77379

Please contact InFOCUS for additional information.


The following are opportunities to address the need for basic vision care to underserved populations:

Vision Station Enterprise Fund - To provide seed money for community-based Vision Stations
New Initiatives Fund - To foster research, training and strategic partnerships to promote 'eye care for all'
Eyeglass Advancement Fund - To make affordable spectacles available in poor communities at home and abroad
World Sight Day fund - To expand InFOCUS participation in Vision 2020
The Right to Sight, a worldwide campaign to eradicate avoidable blindness


Randall's Supermarkets
Shop at Randall’s to make a donation! Ask the cashier to link your Randall’s card to #890. Then every time you shop and use your Randall’s card we’ll receive a percentage of your purchase amount as a donation!

Kroger's Supermarkets
Shop at Kroger’s to make a donation! Get a Kroger Donation Card from us today and present it each time you shop at Kroger Grocery Stores. We’ll receive a percentage of your purchase amount. It is as simple at that! Contact us today to receive a Kroger Donation Card: ivc1@visualcompassion.com

Just write, “I need a Kroger Donation card”. Leave your name and mailing address and we’ll mail one to you. Please note Kroger Donation Cards are only recognized in Texas and Louisiana.

Shop at EyePunk.com to make a donation! Simply go to the website and purchase your normal prescription contact lenses and normal prescription glasses and literally RECYCLE YOUR MONEY. Your purchases provide a 75% direct donation to the Visual Compassion - InFocus Partnership.

Visual Compassion
18555 Kuykendahl
Spring, TX 77379

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