InFOCUS Press Release Houston, Texas Fall 2001

The Office of Minority Health has approved a proposal submitted by the Alliance for Multicultural Community Health Services (Houston) in cooperation with InFOCUS and the Houston International Health Foundation. In keeping with the goals of Healthy People 2010, this project aims to bring affordable eye care as well as diabetes prevention and treatment services to medically underserved children and adults.

InFOCUS will help its program partners establish 3 Vision Stations in Southwest Houston. Vision care and diabetes prevention services will be offered at the Alliance offices in Houstonís Gulfton area, and at 2 clinics operated by the Houston International Health Foundation.

The Alliance interpretive health department will translate health education and training materials into languages appropriate for the multicultural community to be served.

We welcome this opportunity to establish Vision Stations serving refugees and immigrants throughout the Houston area and low-income families in Southwest Houston