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How to Set Up and Operate an InFOCUS Vision Station
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we need to have medical training to do this?

A: No. Any staff member or reliable volunteer can provide the services. Training and technical support is provided by InFOCUS. You will not be administering an eye exam.


Q: Do we need an optician to dispense the eyeglasses?

A: No. This is not required in Texas at this time. However, regulations vary by state. Training and support will be provided. Local opticians may be helpful as well. You will be helping the client select frames that fit. You will also bend the frames as needed to make them more comfortable. The objective is for the frames to contact the person at only three points: the nose and over/behind the ears.


Q: What kind of physical set-up is needed?

A: A small area where clients and the volunteer may be seated; a table for record-keeping and health education literature; a place to file patient records; and a small space to display frames. You should also have a table-top mirror so that clients can see themselves wearing the frames. Internet or fax access.


Q: Is a Focometer required?

A: No.


Q: Do we have to establish eligibility for free or reduced-cost services?

A: No. That is left to each vision station to determine.


Q: How do we find eye doctors who will charge a nominal fee?

A: We suggest you consider helping us expand our VISION PASS PROGRAM. Please contact Diane Baker at: dbaker@infocusonline.org or PH: 281-398-7525. InFOCUS also provides a sample letter and literature to send to doctors in your area. Simply ask your own eye doctor to help. Most doctors want to help but are limited due to the costs. With a Vision Station they don't have to provide eyeglasses and are more likely to participate. Call InFOCUS if you need more help.


Q: How much will it cost our organization?

A: There is no initial charge to become a Vision Station. The startup costs (less than $100) will be defered while you grow and then be taken from your 20% return over the course of 4 billing cycles. 20% return? To create operating capital, jobs and a fund to help the neediest patients, your Eyepunk MOU aggreement garruntees a 20% return on all purchases with your Vision Station's PROMO CODE. Please contact Ryan Jordan at: eyepunkryan@ypov.net or PH: 713-828-9185.


Q: What kind of eyeglasses will be available?


Q: How much do we remit to the optical company?


Q: What will it cost the people we serve?


Q: What will it cost the people we serve?


Q: What about collecting from Medicaid or other insurance programs?


Q: What are the hours of operation?

A: The Vision Station can operate as often as every day of the week or as little as one morning or afternoon every other week.


Q: What if we don't have the space, resources or personnel to get started?

A: COLLABORATE! One partner can provide the space, another can seek sponsors, and others can recruit and organize volunteers or provide transportation. (It is not necessary to provide transportation, but it may help some clients.)

19728 Saums Rd. PMB #136
Houston, TX 77084

Main phone 281-398-7525; Fax 281-398-7428