Vision Station Guidelines

InFOCUS would like to work with you to increase access to affordable vision care for the low-income families you serve. InFOCUS can help you establish a permanent capacity to determine which individuals need vision care, and to offer them the opportunity to obtain affordable eye exams and prescription eyeglasses.  To establish a “vision station,” we suggest the following action steps:

  1. Designates a staff member or reliable volunteer to offer vision assessment services.
  2. Recruits eye care professionals to provide free or low-cost eye exams.
  3. Designates a person to order, receive and dispense eyeglasses.
  4. Maintains a set of sample eyeglass frames.
  5. Stores finished eyeglasses until they’re dispensed to patients.
  6. Keeps patient records and financial data.
  7. Sends monthly remittance and summary of data to InFOCUS.
  8. Arranges for all staff/volunteers to participate in an initial training program.
  9. Arranges for project personnel to obtain additional training if needed.
  10. Promotes eye health and publicizes eye care services among clients and in the community.

  1. Provides orientation and training programs for staff and volunteers responsible for the vision care services.
  2. Provides low-cost, high-quality eyeglasses. 
  3. Provides a sample set of frames with a selection of frame styles.
  4. Helps to recruit a certified optician (volunteer) to help set up the dispensary and provide assistance.
  5. Helps recruit eye doctors to provide free or low-cost eye exams.
  6. Helps recruit bilingual eye doctors and aides to facilitate patient-doctor communications.
  7. Provides continuing education and technical support.
  8. Provide sample sets of eye health education and social marketing materials.

Note: This plan may be tailored to the needs of each mission partner.