Visual Compassion, InFOCUS, EyePunk and its mission partners are working together to expand access to primary eye care for children and adults who are "outside the loop" of medical services. Our objective is to increase access to affordable vision care for needy families. The larger aim is to help people enjoy the many benefits of healthy eyes and clear vision.

The strategy is to establish "Vision Stations" in low-income communities so families will be able to come to a familiar, community-oriented church, clinic, thrift store or social service agency to get an initial vision assessment and referral to an eye doctor for an eye exam (if needed). If eyeglasses are prescribed: 1) the family will be able to return to their neighborhood center to select, order and pick up their eyeglasses; or 2) the family will be able to select and order their glasses directly from and then select the neighborhood center they would like to pick them up from.

Each vision station offers preventive health information and promotes the importance of regular eye exams. Patients pay a nominal fee for the eye exams and eyeglasses. Proceeds of spectacle sales help the vision station defray the cost of the services and create an assistance fund to help the most indigent families pay for eyeglasses. As a BONUS, please know that the use of creates jobs and job training for those in rehabilitation systems and individuals with felony records. Together we can help others with a fresh start by RECYCLING THE MONEY while supplying your visual needs.


Visual Compassion offers training, start-up supplies and equipment while working closely with each Vision Station to ensure it's success. Five vision stations were established in 2000, the projectís inaugural year. Today 10 low-income communities enjoy year-round access to eye care at InFOCUS Vision Stations. InFOCUS, community-based organizations, volunteers, donors, and public-spirited opticians and ophthalmic professionals are working together to achieve "eye care for all."

2010: InFOCUS is getting a ReFOCUS. Founder, Dr. Ian Berger will be taking a supportive role in all activities while new leadership refocuses the future of the Vision Station Project. Stay tuned for our new appearance or better yet, open a Vision Station and join the revolution.

Exciting news: April 2010 will signify the first of many Vision Stations to come for the Salvation Army. The Salvation Army is on the move and looking forward to caring for the visual needs of our local communities.