Step by Step To Eye Care For All

Preliminary Steps

  1. Review our website and discuss the Vision Station project within your organization.
  2. Complete and return the Vision Station guidelines and partnership agreement.
  3. Complete and return the EyePunk guidelines and partnership agreement.
  4. Return all clinic information for web posting and a desired site link image if your organization has a webpage. (ie. Name of clinic, hours, location, etc.)
  5. Designate a space where vision services can be provided. Take a look at these scenarios: Vision Clinic Models
  6. Decide what hours and days the Vision Station will be open. Consider how many people will be needed to staff the Vision Station during those periods.
  7. Identify the staff or volunteers who will work at the Vision Station.
  8. Arrange for those individuals to attend an InFOCUS WORKSHOP or take our online course (a future option).
  9. Decide what materials, equipment, and supplies are needed. You can start really basic or invest in the future of your clinic from the beginning.
  10. Develop a list of eye doctors in your area. Send a letter to doctors asking them to accept referrals from your Vision Station (a sample letter is provided). We suggest you consider helping us expand our VISION PASS PROGRAM.
  11. How can I or my organization sponsor a Vision Pass for those in need? Please contact Diane Baker at: or PH: 281-398-7525
  12. If a doctor says "yes," ask the doctor to complete and return the "Participating Professional Questionnaire." A personal visit is recommended. Provide the doctor with the Eye Examination Report forms, the Visual Compassion Prescription Order Form and ordering procedures from; these should be completed and returned to the Vision Station for each patient seen. (note: ALL GLASSES WILL BE DISPENSED AT VISION STATIONS ONLY; doctors will not be responsible for this process)
  13. Compile these completed questionnaires to use when referring patients to doctors. Also use our link: PARTNERING EYE DOCTORS.
  14. Review the ordering process at InFOCUS prescription glasses.
  15. Decide which frames you would like to provide and order them for your clinic. Please contact Diane Baker at: or PH: 281-398-7525.

Getting Started

Get the word out:
Publicize the opening of the Vision Station in the community. Post fliers at grocery stores and washaterias, contact local newspapers and media, distribute fliers at schools and community meetings. (Please send copies of publicity to InFOCUS.)

Welcome patients to your Vision Station!

Please remember that any purchase (glasses/contacts) from creates jobs and job training for those in rehabilitation systems and individuals with felony records. Together we can help others with a fresh start by RECYCLING THE MONEY while supplying your visual needs.

Record the progress of each patient

  1. Complete and keep on file a Vision Station Patient Record Form for each patient. (This will be going online soon)
  2. If the patient needs to be referred to an eye doctor, discuss the fees and hours offered by the doctors working with your vision station. Consider whether bilingual services are needed.
  3. Ask the patient which doctor (possibly one that is not on the list) s/he wants to see. Make a note of this on the Patient Record Form. Offer directions or suggestions about transportation.
  4. Make a copy of the Patient Record Form for the patient; fax the Patient Record Form to the doctor.
  5. If the patient may need eyeglasses, measurements and frame selection may be done at this time. Record the information on the Visual Compassion Prescription Order Form and keep it on file. If the patient obtains a prescription, you will be ready to send the order to the optical company. Send a copy of this form with the patient incase they wish to order online later. Please review the Eyepunk ordering process with them.
  6. If glasses are prescribed, the doctor may fax the prescription to the Vision Station or the patient may bring it to you. Complete the Visual Compassion Prescription Order Form, and either fax it to 281-516-3113 with the patientís prescription or order directly through .The doctor and/or patient can order their glasses directly from if they have their optical measurements.

Record the activities of your Vision Station

  1. Keep track of patients and services on the Activity Record for Monthly Report.
  2. Prepare a new Activity Record for each date on which services are provided.
  3. At the end of the month, fax, e-mail or mail all of the Activity Records for that month to InFOCUS.

Acknowledge Vision Station Partners

Celebrate the participation of everyone involved in this community eye care initiative, including patients, eye doctors, volunteers, staff and others in your congregation or neighborhood.

Return all information for web posting and a desired site link image if your organization has a webpage. (ie. Name of clinic, hours, location, etc.) We have several list and categories: (FUTURE LINK)