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InFOCUS offers a portable refracting device, the FOCOMETER®, which can be used to measure visual errors accurately, without electricity. The Focometer makes it possible for community health promoters to go beyond the usual "chart on the wall" screening protocols to assess vision needs.

Through a partnership with Visual Compassion and EyePunk.com, InFOCUS offers low-cost, optically accurate mission glasses. We offer several levels of mission minded eyeglasses to fit your project and target populations needs.

InFOCUS also provides training, information resources and technical assistance to service providers. Visit our What's New page for the latest dates and information.


'Hands On' Training at an InFOCUS Primary Eye Care Workshop.

Developed by Drs. Ian Berger and Larry Spitzberg at the University of Houston College of Optometry in Houston, Texas to provide a subjective refraction without the need for electricity or complicated protocols.

It is as accurate as an autorefractor at a fraction of the cost. It's an effective tool for over-refraction of contact lens wearers and for use with difficult-to-refract patients. Ideal for use wherever conventional methods are impractical or unavailable in schools, at the work place and on field visits. If you'd like to purchase a FOCOMETER®, you may do so at our Online Store.


In addition to our expertise in the field of primary eye care, InFOCUS offers a wealth of experience related to public health and social development. Depending upon schedules and a given project’s relationship to InFOCUS’s development priorities, we are available for project work in the following fields:

• Community organizing and skills transfer,
• Epidemiology - infectious diseases,
• Needs assessment, Demand creation,
• Program design and evaluation,
• Environmental sanitation - Water and wastewater,
• Quality assurance, Sustainability,
• Women’s and children's health and Nutrition

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