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Visual Compassion (VC) began in 2006, as a vision of Dr. Joseph Dollak to attack poverty from a visual perspective. While on a mission trip to Lima, Peru; the outline to what is Visual Compassion today was put down in a journal. What has followed can only be described as God's grace. Endless hours of prayer, servitude and failures have forged the most magical of realities. We are honored to work with individuals from incarceration, addiction and/or homeless histories through our foundational partners: the Salvation Army and the Volunteers of America. Through their grace of hosting our laboratories, clinics and vision stations we have been able to create what we like to call InFOCUS University in honor of Dr. Ian Berger and the many years of dedication he poured into others through the education of basic visual needs. Today our students learn both classroom and hands-on optical skills which are then empowered through our VC Temps Service. You will find these skilled Visual Servants working in our Vision Stations, VC Labs and Retail Vision Clinics. This cycle of training involving those coming from difficult situations to assist other's needs in difficult situations in what we call a Vision Wheel. In November 2009, VC took over leadership of InFOCUS with the intent of empowering their InFOCUS Vision Stations in the Vision Wheel project. 2011 brings us to an exciting time of listening to the Holy Spirit and following His lead as our 1st full Vision Wheel pilot begins in Houston, Tx. With christian principles building our foundation on Christ we aim to be priests, kings and servants to the least of our communities knowing that as we go we are looking into the eyes of Christ himself. We welcome you to look throughout our website and join in as you feel lead to be a weapon for the kingdom of God.

InFOCUS (Interprofessional Fostering of Ophthalmic Care for Underserved Sectors) began in 1987 as an outreach project of the University of Houston College Optometry. The project produced the FOCOMETER® an affordable refracting device appropriate to areas without access to professional personnel, electricity or costly equipment. This device became the centerpiece of a unique program designed to help medically underserved communities achieve self- reliance for basic vision care. In 1995 InFOCUS was chartered as a non-profit 501c3 organization with a mission to provide eye care to all populations, beginning with those most in need and hardest to serve due to poverty or geographic remoteness. Its strategy is to train local service providers to provide primary eye care. Its goals are to improve vision, prevent blindness and promote health.


To help disadvantaged people get the eye care and eyeglasses they need to lead healthy and productive lives.


Vision Stations fill an important need in underserved communities here in the United States.

To meet the needs of underserved communities, InFOCUS developed a user-friendly path to vision care, the Vision Station. InFOCUS offers "Vision Care" workshops and step-by-step guidelines to prepare community-based service providers to assess vision, provide eye health education, refer patients to eye doctors and - if eyeglasses are prescribed - dispense glasses from a small, on-site dispensary.

Vision Stations can be set up in a church, community center, clinic, school, youth program or any place where low-income families come for activities, assistance and services. See more information on Vision Stations.

As many as 900 million children and adults in the world today are visually impaired due to refractive errors that could be corrected by prescription eye glasses. The World Health Organization estimates that 75% of the world’s blindness could be prevented or treated. Toward that goal, InFOCUS helps large, medically isolated populations acquire basic vision services and the capacity to link patients to professional care.

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